Postgraduate Certificate of Achievement

You will be recognized as the best in the industry when you receive a Certificate of Achievement from The International Dermal Institute. Our Certificate of Achievement is recognized worldwide as a symbol of dedication and hard work. It signifies a level of excellence and achievement unparalleled to any other skin care education center. At the completion of every class, exclusive certificates are awarded to all students who have dedicated their time and successfully passed the final exam (if applicable).

Postgraduate Certificate of Achievement

The Postgraduate Certificate of Achievement, awarded by The International Dermal Institute, confirms student completion of 100 hours of postgraduate training and the successful completion of an in-depth, take-home, written examination. All examinations are personally reviewed by an instructor and postgraduate Certificates of Achievement are distributed during a special commemorative ceremony.

For more information, speak with one of our education registrars. You can track your personal progress towards a Certificate of Achievement by logging in to the My Education section.

Postgraduate Gold Card

Once you have completed 100 hours of training and have passed the written exam, you will receive our postgraduate certificate of achievement and will be automatically upgraded to our postgraduate gold card, which means valuable extra benefits!

Benefits include:

  • Free access to all new IDI classes for the first four months following introduction (excluding guest lecturers)
  • 25% off all IDI classes
  • IDI postgraduate certificate of achievement

Certificates of Achievement

The International Dermal Institute: The Place for Professionals. Solidify your expert status by earning one of our world recognized Certificates of Achievement.