Deep Cleanse Your Way to Clean, Clear Skin

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Candice Gardner October 27, 2020

A sign of a healthy skin is a smooth, clear complexion, free of oily blackheads and breakouts. Many individuals suffer with congested, bumpy skin, not as a result of acne or some other related skin condition, but rather because of ineffective cleansing methods.

Professional skin therapists can offer deep cleansing treatments to help tackle the accumulation of environmental residues, sebum and skin cells that cause skin impactions. A good deep cleanse is reliant on three basic strategies: efficient cleansing, good skin preparation and skilled extraction techniques.

For thoroughly clean skin, start with a double cleanse. The first cleanse will remove superficial debris that has adhered to sticky sebum and irregular epidermal cells including makeup, pollution, SPFs, and everyday dirt and dust. Ideally, choose a plant-based cleansing oil that will dissolve this surface grime. Emulsify with water and wash away.

The second cleanse, using a cleanser appropriate to the general skin condition, will then be able to deep cleanse into the follicle openings, lifting away excess skin oils and minimizing build-up. It also guarantees a hygienic environment if proceeding with extractions.

Top Tips for Effective Cleansing:
• Cleanse in an upward, circular motion to lift hairs and get into follicles.
• Focus on facial creases where sebum collects such as corners of the nose or crease of chin, or where more congestion is felt such as the
T-zone or along the jawline.
• Use steam to improve emulsification of cleansers, and encourage natural detoxification of the skin.
• Use light pressure so as not to overheat skin with heavy friction movements, as this could sensitize and increase oil production.
• Never reuse cleansing sponges on a different client. New client = new sponges to maintain hygiene standards.

An exfoliant will begin to prepare skin for extractions. Removing loose cell layers will expose follicle openings and comedones – ideal for easing the impaction out of skin with reduced discomfort for clients.

Application of an extraction or desincrustation fluid that further softens and loosens cellular debris will make it easier to extract blackheads without bruising. Most fluids are alkaline in nature to achieve this effect. Alkalinity assists with emulsifying the natural skin oils too, promoting the deep cleansing result.

Top Tips for Extractions:
• Allow enough time for the desincrustation fluid to process.
• Avoid metal comedone extractors that bruise and damage tissue; rather manually extract with a careful rolling technique.
• Use vinyl gloves to maintain a sterile environment and avoid cross-infecting.
• Only extract non-inflammatory lesions to avoid scarring or spreading infection to neighboring follicles; wipe carefully and away from follicle rather than back into it.
• Apply an astringent antiseptic post extractions to soothe and prevent infection.

Focusing on the cleansing stages of the treatment can yield great results. But be sure to follow-up the deep cleansing treatment with relevant advice on cleansing at home to maintain the benefits!

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