Mission History

IDI is the difference between a licensed esthetician and a Professional Skin Therapist.

From Brisbane to Belfast to Los Angeles, The International Dermal Institute trains over 100,000 Professional Skin Therapists every year! That’s because for over 35 years, we’ve pushed skin therapist education to its limits, literally redefining professional excellence and offering skin therapists a unique opportunity to reach their personal best in the process.

We do it by offering the most challenging and rewarding postgraduate skin care curriculum available anywhere today.

This charge to be the best in postgraduate skin care education is lead by our founder, Jane Wurwand. A native of England and a skin therapist her entire professional career, Jane brought her training, passion and experience across the pond to redefine the U.S. professional skin industry, one licensed student at a time.

Soon enough, it became very clear that IDI-trained therapists were a cut above the rest: business owners from coast to coast took a keen interest in the highly trained, confident students who advanced their training at IDI.

Take a look at IDI’s corporate headquarters located in Los Angeles, California, and it may be hard to believe we were once a storefront, one-room facility.  Now, we’re at the forefront of the evolution of skin care, elevating the respect and success of the skin care industry and professional skin therapists around the world.

IDI is also responsible for the research and development of Dermalogica products, the number one choice of skin care professionals worldwide. IDI students around the globe train with Dermalogica’s professional-grade products for maximum efficacy. The brand continues to lead the industry in challenging the boundaries of conventional product formulations.

The International Dermal Institute also serves as a “home” to all skin care professionals – it is a constant, recognizable place where they can always return to learn the best curriculum in the industry, be empowered to strive towards limitless personal and professional possibilities and reignite their passion for skin care with every technique, ingredient and lesson learned!