Industry Expert Webinar – Understanding and Treating Darker Skin: An Introduction & Insight

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C.R. Cooper & Beth Bialko March 2, 2022

Industry Expert Webinar – Understanding & Treating Darker Skin: An Introduction & Insight

The client centric skin care industry is an increasingly global complexity that requires Skin professionals at all levels of their business to function effectively and pivot in our ever-changing multicultural and diverse markets. In this informative webinar we will explore the significance of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), along with an introduction into understanding and effectively treating darker skin.

View this webisode covering this important topic as they share insights into:

  • Cultural Intelligent Client Care
  • Consultation and Effective Communication
  • Skin concerns and treatments effective for melanin-rich skin

Featuring C.R. Cooper

C.R. Cooper (also known as The Skin Theologian) is a passionate, knowledgeable, and compassionate Author and Educator who is a Skin enthusiast. As an Author and presenter, Cooper has an ability to connect with her audiences of various backgrounds.
Her achievements include but are not limited to: Publishing The Book:Â The No Compromise Black Skin Care Guide: The Truth About Caring For Darker Skin, TV, Print facilitation of regular Canada wide webinars, extensive Media rapport, International conference presentations; both Keynote, theory and hands-on workshop sessions.

Featuring Beth Bialko

Beth Bialko is the Director of Education Development for The International Dermal Institute (IDI), the skin care industry’s gold standard for post-graduate education, and Dermalogica. Beth is responsible for researching and developing the brand’s award-winning education curriculum for global markets. She curates’ content for IDI including courses, articles, blogs, and webisodes. Beth is the host and producer of the Dermalogica based podcast, Living Skin. With over 20 years of experience in the skin care industry, Beth has worked as a professional skin therapist for top salons and spas across the US and successfully owned her own skin care business.


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